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Document Review:
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Document Review is What We Do.

For the past eight years Tusker Group has focussed exclusively on simplifying document review for our clients. Our thoroughly trained staff is managed by US attorneys, and prides itself on its expertise and ability to manage complex document review matters. Because of our commitment to this process, our staff does not perform other aspects of legal work, such as filing patents and trademarks or drafting contracts. Simplifying document review is our sole focus.

We provide you with greater economies and efficiencies by utilizing our expert team of English-speaking, Indian-licensed attorneys to perform document review services.

Tusker Group Concentrates On:

  • Experience: Leveraging over eight years of experience managing complex document reviews.
  • Focus: Our exclusive focus on document review translates to industry leading results.
  • Process: Establishing detailed and measurable processes. Routinely integrating our review teams with clients’ in-house and outside counsel.
  • Technology: Understanding and applying the most appropriate technology for each client and matter.
  • People: Recruiting, training and developing brilliant Indian attorneys to meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Pledge: Commitment free Review Analysis

Dedication - Consistency - Know-how

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