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Document Review:
The Tusker Advantage

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Objective Review
Our highly trained and experienced associates create an easily searchable database of basic information pertaining to a case. This work is usually performed prior to subjective first level and advanced strategy document review. The gathered information allows the legal team to get a quick handle on the document corpus and find documents of interest.

We are skilled at grouping pages into parent and related documents in the process of logical document determination, and then coding fields such as author, recipient, date and document type, so you can rapidly retrieve your case's documents.

Tusker Group additionally manages complex data extraction and analysis projects, most of which share a common theme: a vast amount of data needs to be quickly extracted from documents, accurately entered into a spreadsheet or database according to a complex set of rules and analyzed. Often, these analyses allow you to prove or disprove a point early on in a case and help resolve matters.

Objective Review

  • » Bibliographic coding
  • » Logical document determination    and attachment ranges.
  • » Data extraction & analysis
  • » Redaction

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