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Document Review:
The Tusker Advantage

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First Level Document Review

Tusker Group attorneys, under a client’s guidance, analyze documents to determine whether they:

  1. Are relevant to the case at hand;
  2. Are protected by the attorney-client privilege and/or attorney work-product;
  3. Are "Confidential"; and
  4. Contain specific substantive issues related to the case.

Our experience has shown that a client's legal strategy and position is much more clearly defined upon the completion of first level document review, thus, allowing you to focus your efforts on the core issues and further refine your course of action. The Tusker Group review team also becomes intimately familiar with the case such that they can quickly, accurately and economically review the opposing party's production.

First Level Document Review

  • » Relevancy
  • » Privilege
  • » Work-product
  • » Confidentiality
  • » Hot documents

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